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Our mission at is to inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every person through high quality supplements, the best ingrendients, education and research.”

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Proper nutrition isn’t just about eating the right foods. It’s about ingredients your body can truly use. We do everything we can to source the worlds highest quality Ingredients and products that your body can easily digest and absorb.

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  • Anti-Aging

    While "anti-aging" practices may be geared toward quick fixes and temporary solutions, skin longevity is all about keeping your skin healthy in the long term. There are several key nutrients, phytonutrients, and specialized bioactives that support your skin, hair, and overall health as you age—so your body not only feels young but looks and acts younger, too. Here, we've outlined our favorites.

  • Sleep

    Approximately 50-70 million Americans report suffering from occasional sleeplessness. Unfortunately, most generic sleep aids are packed with synthetic fillers, or artificial colouring. Fortunately, there are high-quality natural sleep supplements that focus on herbal extracts and calming ingredients that are safe, effective, and reliable. Best of all, many of these holistic options use natural ingredients that you can safely take daily before bedtime without any worry about negative long-term side effects.

  • Metabolism

    Work smarter before you work harder. Metabolism is the process the body uses to break down food and nutrients for energy and to support different functions. What people eat, including vitamins and minerals, affects their metabolism. A person’s metabolism naturally slows down as they age.

    Some vitamins and minerals may help keep the metabolism working effectively. Here are Dr. Emi's top choices to aid your metabolism.